To-Go Orders

Please call us at (435) 649-0911 to place a to-go order for pickup. Click here for menus.

Please note that sometimes when we get super busy we will suspend taking to-go orders. This is to ensure that we don't overwhelm our kitchen and can maintain our high standard of food quality, for our in-house guests.


Boneyard Saloon & Wine Dive does not provide direct delivery service.

- Third Party Delivery Service Policy -

We do not have any affiliation with Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. And honestly, we don't know if they have 20 orders ahead of you on their delivery route, if they are stuffing your to-go order on the manifold of a '72 Chevy Vega, or taking corners at 80 mph on a moped. We DO promise that the food we put in the bag is the same great food you get when eating here. That being said, We are not responsible for the quality or condition of your order when it arrives to your door.  Also, food pricing of delivery orders are determined by the delivery service and may be higher than listed on our menus. ANY issues or concerns about prices, service charges, delivery times, food quality, mistakes, refunds, etc. are between you and the third party delivery service. Contact them directly with your concerns. Also note, that like our to-go orders, we may suspend delivery orders during the busiest times to maintain our high standard food quality, for our in-house guests.

For third party delivery service when visiting Park City,
we work with, and recommend Speedy Fernandez

Our Third Party Delivery Service Policy still applies when ordering with Speedy. Call them with any issues with your order.